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Today is World Theatre Day-March 27

The first World Theatre Day was in 1962. This day is very special because apart from the lighting, the soundtracks, the costumes, the clapping..., the most important theatre works in the history of the world are also valued. There are also related acts and events which are celebrated every year. The Internacional Theater Institute invites important people from the world of theatre, such as Arthur Miller, Pablo Neruda, Richard Burton, Antonio Gala or Humberto Orsini. In the theater, actors and comedians act on a stage that entertains people who are happy getting into the character of the play. [...]

Today is Women ́s Day-March 8

Today, March 8, is International Women ́s Day. This important date has been celebrated since 1975, and thanks to this, women have more rights than many years before. Every year, on this day, a lot of people go out with banners and demonstrate and fight for being equal to men, for going to the street without fear of being kidnapped, raped or killed. Because although there are people who think women don ́t suffer, in fact being a woman is very hard. We have to put up with a lot of things: comments from men if you are [...]

Today is Greece

Today is Greece – March 15 Greece is a country in the South of Europe. Greece is formed by 7 archipelagos with more than 1400 islands, inhabited by 11 millions of people. Athens is the capital of Greece. Nowadays Greece is a constitutional republic(Hellenic Republic), but in the past, Greece had been considered the place of origin of the western civilization, of the Olympics Games,of philosophy, and of the Greek mythology,that it has been very important for Greece and its culture. Tourism is the principal activity to do in Greece because it conserved monuments that are from Ancient [...]

International Day of Happiness

Today is World Happiness Day-March 20 International Happiness Day, proclaimed by the UN, is celebrated on 20 March and is a symbolic date to commemorate the importance of happiness. It is a day that also celebrates inclusion and wants to achieve collective well- being and in the long run, helps to achieve happiness. Among the most important issues to be addressed, there are three directly related to what can represent more well-being and happiness for all the inhabitants of planet Earth and are: Eradicate poverty, minimize inequality in the world, and care for and protect the planet. To [...]

Safer internet day

Today is Safer Internet Day-February 10th It is an event that takes place every February with the aim of promoting the safe use of digital technologies, especially among children and young people. When we surf the Internet we don’t think about what there may be behind that screen, so we always have to be careful about what we look for and see. We should never give our real data in case the page may not be secure and we have confidence, even so we shouldn’t. Think before publishing something, once published you can never delete it from the [...]

Saint Valentine’s day

Every February 14, Saint Valentine´s Day is celebrated with enthusiasm and joy. It is a very special day for many, where the importance of love is highlighted. This date has been celebrated for more than 500 years. According to history, the origin of Saint Valentine’s Day began after the death of St. Valentine of Rome, a priest convicted of secretly celebrating marriages of young lovers. Valentine’s Day is not the same in every part of the world, each country has its own customs and ways of celebrating it. Here in Spain, on Valentine’s Day, many couples take the [...]