Today is World Stray Animals Day-April 4

April 4 is World Stray Animal Day. There are more than 600 million stray animals around the world who suffer lives of misery: hunger, cold, sickness and abuse.
People see that stray animals are dirty and appear to carry diseases. They also go through the garbage looking for food, so they prefer not to look at them. They don’t really care where these animals go, as long as they are gone. The 600 million stray animals that live on the streets around the world did not make that decision. They were thrown by their owners, born on the streets, or simply lost. They did not create their situation, but they have to live with it or, as is often the case, die with it. So if you find a stray or injured animal on the street, take it to a shelter and don’t leave it alone.

Alba Isidoro Nieto, 14