Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. It is the second-largest country in Europe, after Russia, which it borders to the east and north-east. It was founded on the 24th August of 1991. Before that, it was called Ukrainian State.

Ukraine also shares borders with Belarus to the north; Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary to the west; Romania and Moldova to the south; and has a coastline around the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea.

Its capital and the most populated city is Kiev. In Ukraine they speak Ukrainian and its gentilic is Ukrainians. Its form of government is Unitary Semi-presidential Constitutional Republic. Its President is Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelensky. Its Prime Minister is Denys Shmyhal.

Between the Ukrainian village habits, it stands out that they are very generous and hospitable, and there it is rude to eat or drink something in front of someone and not to offer anything to that person.

Lucía Ramos Rayego-14