Today is Greece – March 15

Greece is a country in the South of Europe. Greece is formed by 7 archipelagos with more than 1400 islands, inhabited by 11 millions of people. Athens is the capital of Greece. Nowadays Greece is a constitutional republic(Hellenic Republic), but in the past, Greece had been considered the place of origin of the western civilization, of the Olympics Games,of philosophy, and of the Greek mythology,that it has been very important for Greece and its culture. Tourism is the principal activity to do in Greece because it conserved monuments that are from Ancient Greece like the Parthenon of Athens. The Greek gastronomy is characterized by the Mediterranean diet. There are also famous dishes like the Greek yogurt,and some cheeses like feta cheese. The most important festival in Greece is the Greek Easter, celebrated on the first Sunday after a full moon at the spring equinox. 

Jesús María Pineda Guisado, 14