Azerbaijan is a country, and it was the old soviet republic, surrounded by the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, that travel Asia and Europe. The capital, Baku, is famous because of its walled medieval inner city. There are 9,981 million people. The president is Ilham Aliyev. Their principal idiom is azeri. Between all the popular food, some of its plates are: Plov, Kebab, Qutab, Piti, Dushbara, Lavangi and Shekerbura. Some interesting dates is that its name mean treasure in modern persian. It is known as land of fire. It is rich in oil resources. In the spas, they offer crude oil massages because they think that is therapeutic. Baku was part of the birth of the oil industry. The Karabaj´s horse is the national animal of Azerbaijan. They kiss the bread that fall on the floor; it is a form to say sorry for throwing food on the ground.