Puerta de la Serena High School

Puerta de la Serena High School is a secondary education school in the region of Extremadura, next to the Portuguese border. There are about 600 students and 60 teachers in our school. Besides compulsary education (12-16), students can pursue higher education studies in Arts or Science. We also offer a two-year degree course on Sports and Outdoor Activities. Our school is a very dynamic one, used to special activities outside the classroom, like exhibitions or performances, races, games or musical events. Previous to the Coronavirus crisis, there used to be many school trips, not only abroad, but also cycling and hiking day trips in the vicinity. We are trying to keep up the spirits, and motivate our students with the few tools left available, after the safety measures have been applied. We continue trying to learn hands-on, and making school learning more attractive than online learning!!

Marta Blanco, teacher.