About the project

Each country has its own folkloric characteristics. Cultures develop through mutual communication. The scientific aspect of all anthropological studies is based on cultural theory. The theory of culture determines how cultural processes occur with the observation methods applied in the field. we improve their learned behavior, we cannot talk about culture. The transition between achievements and skills and the permanent organization of activities we call culture points to the distinction between behavior and tradition. Sharing the cultural ties of societies and countries with everyone in the world while introducing the Anatolian culture to the children of other countries, it is also to ensure that the culture of those countries is transferred to the children of our country. National holidays and special days of all participating countries in our project will be celebrated with joint activities. The final event will be celebrated in Van on June 7, World Breakfast Day. If the final event is not realized due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the final event will be held on the internet. 

Umut Bartın, creator of the project.